Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Mark Madden Has A SuperFan

Big thanks to Kevin at [Barry Melrose Rocks] for finding this one.

Mark Madden is either running a blog about himself, or well, we don't even know.

[MrFridayAfterNoon] apparently follows everything Mark Madden does.

For example here are a list of Blog Titles from Superfan the past few days--

Oct. 22

That’s Mark or Mr. Madden to you Jerky!

Oct. 21

Mark Madden Haters United on Gay Message Boards

Oct. 20

Mark’s name evoked at show this weekend

Oct. 20

Mark Madden compared to Bubba the Love Sponge?

Madden is whatev at this point, but are we really at the stage where someone is tracking every mention he gets?

Charlie was going to comment on how gay this is, but he is on a direct flight to Sweden to "look into," this whole Dildo thing.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of my alltime favorite Halloween treats when I was a kid was when local channel 9 WOR in New York would broadcast MAD MONSTER PARTY? (the question mark is part of the title-who knew?) on their 4:00 MOVIE.This wonderful Rankin/Bass "Animagic" feature was released theatrically in 1969-but really found its legs when it was syndicated to local stations in the 1970s. It's cast boasts a who's who of movie monsters - Count Dracula! The Wolf Man! The Mummy! The Invisible Man! Frankenstein's Monster! Dr. Jekyll! Mr. Hyde! The Creature (from the Black Lagoon)! The Hunchback of Notre Dame! It! (aka King Kong) and Phyllis Diller! The only one missing was John McCain.Boris Karloff voices Baron Von Frankenstein - who assembles these characters (The Worldwide Organization of Monsters) to announce his retirement - and introduce his nerdy nephew Felix and shapely new creation Francesca to the group. Even as a gay kid, I knew Francesca was HOT! I wonder if Francesca was the visual inspiration for MAD MEN's? Hmmm...With character designs by the great Mad Magazine cartoonist Jack Davis, and some of the best stop-motion imagery ever, MAD MONSTER PARTY? is an absolute must-see for animation lovers. While the story may now be a bit slow-moving, and not as clever as I remember it from my childhood - I'd rather sit through this than the more recent "monster mash" called VAN HELSING any day of the year.MAD MONSTER PARTY also features some great musical numbers...and come on, you gotta love Phyllis Diller - here a pic of me and my parter John with Ms. Diller at her lovely Brentwood home last year. She's 91 and still a hoot!
For more info about Rankin/Bass visit Rick Goldschmidt's enchanting blog.


Monday, January 26, 2009

This year's most expensive colleges

This is timely, in light of this morning's post on paying for private university: CampusGrotto has a list of the most expensive colleges for the 2008-2009 school year.

Here's the top 10 for tuition only:
  1. Bates College - $43,950
  2. Middlebury College - $42,910
  3. Colby College - $42,730
  4. Union College (NY) - $40,953
  5. Connecticut College - $40,900
  6. George Washington University - $40,392
  7. Vassar College - $39,635
  8. - $39,450
  9. Bucknell University - $39,434
  10. Colgate University - $39,275

And here's the top 10 for tuition plus room and board:
    - $53,166
  1. George Washington University - $50,312
  2. New York University - $50,182
  3. Georgetown University - $49,689
  4. Connecticut College - $49,385
  5. Bates College - $49,350
  6. Johns Hopkins University - $49,278
  7. Skidmore College - $49,266
  8. Scripps College - $49,236
  9. Middlebury College - $49,210
Here's a list of the 100 most expensive schools by tuition. And here's a list of the 100 most expensive schools by total cost.

In case you were wondering, the school my dentist's daughter is attending is not in the top 10, but is in the top 25. Yikes!

Via The Consumerist.


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Nielsen Families: If You Guys Don't Watch 30 Rock, I Will Hunt You Down


(Tina says: Pwitty pweeeeaze watch 30 Rock!)

If you have watched TV at all these past few months you have probably seen 30 Rock's one-woman PR firm, Tina Fey. She has taken just about every air-time opportunity, be it on SNL, Late Night With David Letterman, or even the Emmys (where 30 Rock won Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Best Writing in a Comedy Series), to implore American TV views to please, for the love of God, watch 30 Rock.


Yet again, a comedy I adore is not doing well in the ratings. Yet another sharp-witted, outstandingly written social commentary/satire is a hit with critics, but a complete flop with the Nielsen familes. Why does this always happen to me? Why must I relive the death of Arrested Development again? Why do you Nielsen families want to ruin my television experience all the time?

The deja vu is seriously heartbreaking. While 30 Rock has always had its share of celebrity guest stars and cameos, due to being about a variety show produced at NBC Studios, this year they are pulling out the big guns. For crissakes, OPRAH is guest-starring. Unfortunately, star-studded sitcoms are very often a telltale sign of a sinking ship. Arrested Development made the same desperate attempts at attracting new viewers in its third season, and we all know how helpful that was, now don't we?

I love Tina, and adore pretty much every moment she spends onscreen, but I am starting to get unbearably sad and panicked every time I hear her beg us all: "Watch 30 Rock! Please! PLEASE, WATCH MY SHOW!" I feel hopeless, too, because while I watch her show religiously, I don't have one of those boxes in my house that gets to help decide what we watch. If people like me got Nielsen boxes, we would all be watching the fifth season of Arrested Development, the sixth season of Firefly and the tenth season of Sports Night. Instead, we have the eleventy-hundredth season of ER and, for some reason, Two and a Half Men?

I really want to know, who are these people with these little boxes that tell the Powers That Be what to renew and what to shitcan and then convert months later to DVDs they will market to loyal suckers like me who will snatch them up and watch all the episodes in rapid succession every six months or so, until reaching the last last episode, when they will then cry tears of mourning because there will never again be another episode of that show, ever? If you know any of these Nielsen families who steal my beloved shows from me, can you please send me their home addresses? Because I am sick — SICK, I TELL YOU! — of suffering this indignity.

I am gonna hunt you down, Nielsen families. And once I find you, I am gonna strap you Nielsen moms and dads down and make you watch 30 Rock until your sides ache with laughter. And if, after this, you do not tune into your local NBC affiliate every Thursday at 9:30 p.m. (8:30 central) and watch 30 Rock, I will do much worse.

I will hack your Tivo so it erases all your shows and records over them with 60 Minutes and reruns of 7th Heaven. I will make it so every channel you flip to is C-SPAN or the Home Shopping Network. And then I will put all your toilet seats up and leave the cap off your toothpaste. I will not wipe my feet before entering your house, either, and may leave your refrigerator door open. I will also feed your cat the really expensive cat food, so that he will snub the cheap stuff you buy him and perhaps barf it into your favorite shoes, and then you'll have to go buy the fancy cat food to keep him from barfing in your shoes. I am so serious, Nielsen families. Do not fuck with me.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Watch 30 Rock ... or else.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

TV Tuesday

"Heroes" has become the new "My Three Sons". We've got Robbie (Nathan), Chip (Sylar), & Ernie (Peter).These three boys are a handful, and now Dad Petrelli has to take care of them. Linderman must be the lovable Uncle Charlie! Let's make the jump.......

My Three Sons

Can I just say this one thing? I'm telling you that "My Own Worst Enemy" is fun to watch. Edward & Henry fighting in their own mind. They scream at each other all the time on their cellphone video camera. Henry's a penny-pincher & Edward's always spending all his money. So Henry retalliates by giving away all Edward's prize possessions. The spy bullshit is just an aversion for the real battle & that's who is real and who is not.

"Dancing with the Stars" had one really awesome moment last night. Carrie Ann said aloud what I've been saying for weeks. It's time for Cloris to go. Her performance was a complete disaster & Carrie Ann pointed out that it was too bad Toni Braxton went home last week so we could watch Cloris' trainwreck this week.

ABC's "Opportunity Knocks", that game show Ashton Kutcher dreamed up & usually airs on Tuesday night, has been cancelled. (All those families lost their homes to foreclosures and had to sell the prizes they won.)

"Pushing Daisies" which airs on Wednesday nights, is in serious trouble. With weekly rating falling, it may be the next show to be cancelled. ( Maybe Ned can touch it and bring it back from the dead, but another show would have to die in it's place. Hey, maybe "Desperate Housewives". Those hags could go to the grave!)

FOX definitely cancelled "Do Not Disturb" after only two episodes. Does anyone remember what this show even was?

CW has cancelled "Valentine" which aired on Monday nights and is considering taking "Easy Money" off the air too.

Tonight's the night for what?

"It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" at 8pm. (special)
"Dancing with the Stars: The Results" at 9pm. The RiverDance Judge is gonna riverdance for us tonight. Edyta will replace Julianne as Cody's partner. Julianne is having her appendix removed today.
"Eli Stone" at 10pm. (new) I just found out that Eli was Angelina Jolie's first husband. No wonder his mouth has that permanent downward frown.

"NCIS" at 8pm. (new)
"The Mentalist" at 9pm. (new)
"Without a Trace" at 10pm. (new)

"The Biggest Loser: Families" at 8pm. (new)
"Law & Order: SVU" at 10pm. (new)

"House" at 8pm. (new)
"Fringe" at 9pm. (new)
"90210" at 8pm. (new)
"Privileged" at 9pm. (new)

BRAVO: "Real Housewives of Atlanta" at 10pm. (new)
FX: "The Shield" at 10pm. (new)
DSC: "Dirty Jobs" at 9pm. (new)
MTV: "Paris Hilton's New BFF" at 10pm. (new)
SciFi: "Scare Tactics" at 10pm. (new)

While I'm writing this schedule, I'm watching "Tin Man" on USA. They are showing all three parts of this mini-series this morning. I know that doesn't help you guys. By the time you read this, it will be over. It's a really good version of the "Wizard of OZ" with a twist ( and I don't mean like that stupid movie with Diana Ross & Michael Jackson) If you would like to see it or watch it a second time, set your DVR's.
USA is airing "The Tin Man" again:
"Part One" at 2am Wed. morning. (10/29)
"Part Two" at 2am Thurs. morning. (10/30)
"Part Three" at 2am Fri. morning. (10/31)

One movie that I recommend: "Sunset Boulevard" the 1950 classic starring Gloria Swanson & William Holden playing on TCM at 8pm.



4pm: "Omen IV: The Awakening" (1991)
6pm: "The Mephisto Waltz" (1971) Alan Alda
*pm: "Alien: The Director's Cut" (2003)

5pm: "Alien vs Predator"
7:30pm: "The Omen" (Remake 2006)

11pm: "Reign of the Gargoyles" (2007)
1am (wed): "Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness" (2004)
3am: "Maneaters" (2007) Gary Busey

8pm: "Jeepers Creepers" (2001)
10pm" (1998)
12am (wed): "American Werewolf in London" (1981)
2am: "The Dark Half" (1993) Stephen King
4:30am: "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster" (1965)
6am: "The Mummy's Hand" (1940)
7:30am: "Psycho" (Remake 1998)
10am: "Pet Sematary" (1989) Stephen King
Noon: "Pet Sematary II" (1992)

My Pick for the wee hours is". I love Jennifer Tilly. She's a real "doll" in this film!

Big Booty


Friday, January 23, 2009

Pajiba Love 10/28/08


What's Even More Annoying Than Sarah Palin and Smells Like Whore?

Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Remember how Paris Hilton did that video on Funny or Die with Adam McKay and it was self-aware and snarky and hilarious? Yeah, well she had to go and ruin it. Of fucking course. (WIMB)

And it other Paris Hilton news, they are literally putting her into a rocket and sending her away from the Earth. I am not making this up. (Celebitchy)

And here are ten other whores porn stars who have run for public office. Really? Ten? (YBNBY)

Oh man... Poor Chris O'Donnell. But this is fuckens hilarious. (It's Chris!)

It's a little known fact: I am actually trained to immobilize a man using nothing but a spork and good old fashioned moxie. (QuizLaw)

Since there was a base stolen during the World Series last night is giving away free tacos today from 2-6PM. (FreeTacos)

Was there a conspiracy involving the weather situation for the World Series? I've got a conspiracy for you: how 'bout God is pissed off because he doesn't get a free taco? (Galley Slaves)

You know have exactly one week to go find one of these fantastic signs to display in your yard. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Gwen Stefani has egg all over her entire body. (IDLYITW)

Recently Dustin was inquiring about toddler Halloween costumes. What better way to show off our little bundle of joy than to dress him or her as something that you throw in boiling water or something that makes fart noises? (mental floss)

MTV has launched a website where you can watch nothing but music videos. I can't believe people didn't think of this like 25 years ago. (SlowlyGoingBald)

Cindy Crawford totally nails Amy Winehouse. But not in the way where she walks away with a contact high and Staph infection. (Yeeeah!)

Curse you, Stuff White People Like Guy! Once again you have made me feel like a chump for liking something that I like. (STWPL)

Remember the Budweiser "Wazzup" guys? Well, the years haven't been kind to them: (Thanks, Pissboy!)

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fields for ITA Indoor Nearly Set after Completion of Regional Play; Aggies Pollock and Krajicek Play Golden Set/Match

The last ITA regional champions were crowned today, with only a few at-large bids remaining to fill the singles draws of 32 at the National Indoor next month in Charlottesville, Va. I'm told the complete fields will be announced on Friday, when, by my calculations, five men and four women who have otherwise not qualified will be extended invitations (there is one more man because the defending champion, Somdev Devvarman, is not eligble to return). It actually may be six men, since Texas A & M's Conor Pollock qualified two different ways.

Here are the regional results and the explanation of other qualifiers:

Regional Women's results:

MIDWEST: Samantha Murray of Northwestern over Kelcy Tefft of Notre Dame

EAST: Ragini Acharya of William & Mary over Bianca Aboubakare of Brown

SOUTH: Chelsey Gullickson of Georgia over Marritt Boonstra of Florida

WEST: Maria Sanchez of USC over Alison Ramos of USC

SOUTHEAST: Josipa Bek of Clemson over Laura Gioia of Furman

SOUTHWEST: Nina Munch-Soegaard of TCU over Taylor Ormond of Baylor

CENTRAL: Wiveca Swarting of Nebraska over Anouk Tigu of Arkansas

NORTHWEST: Melanie Gloria of Fresno State over Bojana Bobusic of California

Delia Sescioreanu of Auburn-Montgomery (Small College Champion)
Aurelija Miseviciute of Arkansas (defending Indoor champion)
One wild card to host UVA

All-American qualifiers:
Kelcy McKenna Arizona St
Fani Chifchieva Auburn
Maria Coussou Cal
Maria Mosolova Northwestern
Laura Vallverdu Miami
Amanda McDowell Georgia Tech
Ani Mijacika Clemson
Georgia Rose Northwestern
Amanda Fink USC (consolation winner)

Regional Men's results:

CENTRAL: Arnau Brugues of Tulsa over Matt Hogan of Arkansas

NORTHEAST: Chris Clayton of Harvard over Bogdan Borta of Columbia

MIDWEST: Bryan Koniecko of Ohio State over Justin Kronauge of Ohio State

MIDEAST: Dom Inglot of Virginia over Cory Parr of Wake Forest

SOUTHEAST: Nate Schnugg of Georgia over Bruno Agnostinelli of Kentucky

MOUNTAIN: Clancy Shields of Boise State over Martin Zimmerman of Denver

SOUTH CENTRAL: Connor Pollock of Texas A&M over Bruno Rosa of Rice

WEST-SOUTH*: Bassam Beidas of over Omar Altmann of

WEST-NORTH*: Alex Clayton of Stanford over Bradley Klahn of Stanford
*Only winner advances from these regionals

Fabio Silva of Fresno Pacific (Small College Champion)

One wild card to host UVA

All-American qualifiers:
Michael Venus LSU
Oleksandr Nedovyesov Okla St
Robert Farah USC
Enrique Olivares East Tennessee St
Conor Pollock Texas A&M
Blake Strode Arkansas
Michael Shabaz Virginia
Steven Moneke Ohio St
Guillermo Gomez Georgia Tech (consolation winner)

There are many new faces. By my count, only nine men and nine women who competed in singles last year have qualified this year. I'll link to the ITA list of all competitors, including doubles, once it is available.

For those of you not familiar with the terminology, a golden set refers to a set in which the victor wins every point. According to Wikipedia, it has happened only once in professional tennis when Bill Scanlon did it back in 1983.

As amazing a feat as that is, Conor Pollock and Austin Krajicek exceeded even that, playing a golden match in the first round of the South Central Regional doubles. Although a college doubles match at the regional level is only one eight-game set, it is hard to imagine winning 32 points in a row. But that's what Pollock and Krajicek did against Prairie View A&M's Jose Garcia and Kudakwashe Nyatoti last week. Pollock and Krajicek went on to win the regional title, beating three different Texas Longhorn teams en route.